What is the Bat Signal?

November 20, 2018
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November 20, 2018 Catalina Gardescu

What is the Bat Signal?

What is the Bat Signal?

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Talking to prospective parents and students for the past decade, I am always asked how things are done at AISB.  The people who visit us are not interested in theory and philosophy (ok, maybe parents are, a little bit), they want to know exactly what things look like, how things are done, what happens when … . In our classrooms, in the hallways, on the fields and in the cafeteria. And they ask me to paint the picture for them.

I paint the best with my words, yet I always feel self-conscious because I know that I am only here speaking on behalf of the creators and their disciples. That the true artists are in our classrooms, on the field, in the hallway, in the cafeteria, in the library.  They are the ones who need a voice and we are launching the Bat Signal to carry their voice far and wide.

The Bat Signal will reach you every other Wednesday, with our artists painting the picture of what living and learning at AISB is actually like.  Be open to the Bat Signal and read about interesting science experiments, thought provoking class projects, difficult exams, emotional moments when we get it right (or wrong), pushing limits and getting it wrong, the canvas of our daily learning.

We have high hopes that the Bat Signal will become the go-to place for showcasing what happens in the school and the place where parents go to get an idea of what life at AISB actually looks like. We also hope for it to be a feedback signal as well, and we welcome your feedback in the form of comments or emails.

Turning the Bat Signal on!


Catalina Gardescu