The Secret to Authentic Learning Experiences in PE: Grade 1 Create Own Activities

June 13, 2019
June 13, 2019 Laura Morrison

The Secret to Authentic Learning Experiences in PE: Grade 1 Create Own Activities

The mission of PYP PE at AISB is to prepare, engage, and inspire all students in the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to experience the joy of movement throughout their lives.
The experiences that learners have in PE during their time at AISB should reflect this mission and as such will be a balanced blend of:

  • Active Living: Learners are challenged and supported in acquiring the movement skills that will allow them to participate actively in a range of physical activities. Learners understand the  concepts, and strategies that will enable them to  confidently, competently and creatively engage in a range of physical activities, including using their physical capabilities to explore the natural environment.
  • Interactions: Learners develop and use personal, interpersonal, behavioral, social and cognitive skills and strategies to promote a sense of personal identity and well being. Learners are competent in building and maintaining positive relationships which promote positive movement experiences.
  • Identity: Learners understand and appreciate the links that movement has with culture and personal identity. Learners understand that a positive perception of self can strengthen resilience in situations of adversity.

This year, Grade 1 students were asked to create their own PE games working in groups, by inventing rules and drawing visual aids. These were then played by students during class, and it was a world of fun!

This exercise allows students to recognize the challenges presented by each game, the importance of manipulating space. Working together to categorize games and to identify and develop appropriate skills and strategies, our Grade 1s reached an authentic learning experience. They then went on to better understand the importance of rules and how they define the nature of a game. Some games were an adaptation of known rules, as students modified existing games and created new ones.

More importantly, students learned to work together in a team and were very excited to see their games actively played by other children!

Flip through this booklet to see the kids’ original drawings and the explained rules.

Who knows, you might just find a new favorite playground game for your kids!