The Nibble – the AISB Elementary Literary Magazine

June 18, 2020
June 18, 2020 Shonali Sarkar

The Nibble – the AISB Elementary Literary Magazine

Continuing in the tradition of last year, when we published AISB’s first ever ES Literary Magazine in June 2019… we are proud to announce the publication of the 2nd edition of the magazine – online!

It has been an interesting and adventurous journey from the first day we met as a staff on December 6 in the ES Library, to the completion of the magazine in its digital form this week. We started as a Friday lunchtime CCA with a group of twelve 5th graders with the goal of publishing a hard copy magazine that could sit on the library shelves for students to peruse. 

When school closed, on March 11, we thought there would be no magazine this year, until one intrepid 5th grader emailed us on March 20 with the message: “Dear Ms.Shona, Will we still continue the Lit Mag online? Have a good day, Juliet.” This one email kicked off a new beginning for us… eight of the original cast of 12 were still interested in working on the magazine remotely! 

Since then, we have been hard at work, making posters to post on Seesaw asking for submissions, creating avatars for ourselves because of GDPR, designing and voting on a logo, and of course, working on our Google Sites pages. We hope you enjoy our magazine!

Some feedback from some of the Literary Magazine 5th grade editors about their experience:


Yasmine: It’s really fun! You feel a sense of accomplishment when you do it. It’s nice to be independent, and write something you know that you and people around you will enjoy.

Juliet: At one point, I was feeling a bit nervous because we weren’t getting many submissions, and the ones we were getting were from all the same person!

Yuki: I have enjoyed working on the magazine because I got to spend time with some of my favourite teachers. It was good being part of student learning and seeing what the kids were up to. I think the finished Lit Mag looks really professional and I feel very proud to be an editor.

A big thank you to Juliet in particular, who inspired us to continue remotely when school closed. When asked what inspired her to write that email, she replied: “I emailed Ms Shona because I had fun in the Literary Magazine and we had done a lot of work on it, so I thought we should continue…” 

Thank you to Ms G for helping with tech support, and Mr Aubin and Ms Ayse for supporting us with photos from their art classes. Thank you Ms Laura Amza for making sure we were GDPR compliant. Thank you so much to all the students from grades 1-5 who submitted their work. And of course, a huge thank you to all the fantastic 5th graders whose hard work and commitment to the magazine are evident in the pages… to Yuki, Mia, Eva C., Fabyano, Alex P, Aishani, Juliet, and Yasmine!


Link to The Nibble’s Webpage


Happy reading!

Ms Shona and Ms Silvana