Measurement Within the AISB Community

February 26, 2020
February 26, 2020 Johanna Rusu

Measurement Within the AISB Community

Grade 2 students have been inquiring into how communities use different systems of measurements and how these help them meet their needs.  

The children were given the opportunity to create questions that were related to measurement. They interviewed people from around the school and found many connections between measurement and people’s jobs. 

Here are some questions:

“How do you use measurement in your job?”

“How do you know when to pick up the children from school?”

“Why is measurement important in your job?”

“What measurement tools do you use in your job?”

“How do you think we should use measurement in Bucharest or Romania?”


The purpose was for the children to get to know our community and to find out how we all use measurement to meet our needs.