Experiential Learning: Here’s Why It Works

October 3, 2019
October 3, 2019 Fiona Moss

Experiential Learning: Here’s Why It Works

In Secondary we have two weeks (September & May) that we have purposely designed to use Romania as a platform for learning to build community and provide lifelong memories.
Successful communities must be nurtured intentionally, and thus need purposeful opportunities to meet new people, foster relationships, and build perspectives. At AISB we do this in multiple ways – through our classroom engagements, advisory / homeroom program, co-curricular program (sport, arts, activities, service, outdoor education), student leadership training & opportunities, and through our experiential weeks. This year we have added our newly co-created house system to this listing.

Our students continue to gain experience, skills and confidence in advocating for and leading initiatives to help us become a more safe and inclusive learning community. Our student councils, service groups, student-led activities, and The Bite newspaper are all great examples of this empowerment in action. As our goal is to help our students to develop these skills, we aim to provide authentic opportunities where it is safe to take risks and for the teachers to engage as mentors.

The opportunities during Experiential Week where we head off campus are designed to engage in using the amazing Romanian countryside to expand our skills, comfort zones and to build new relationships & perspectives. During the September week, our Grade 6’s, Grade 11’s and Grade 12’s all spend time off campus involved in these kinds of engagements as a grade level. During the May Experiential Week our Grade 7 – 10s are provided with a menu of choices where they select an engagement designed with the goals of Experiential Week in mind.

AISB is committed to providing our students with opportunities to grow and utilize their knowledge, skills, understandings and dispositions in a variety of structured and unstructured situations both within our school walls and outside in Romania.