31 Mar 2021

AISB Student Leadership – Helping Students Find Their ‘Why’

Student leadership began to take shape at AISB in the summer of 2017 when the Vampires summer camp introduced the concept of student-coaches and leaders into the program. Our students and kids from the local community loved interacting and spending their time with high schoolers who made their summer a blast whilst teaching them many new things each day. This idea of student leadership was then furthered by a small group of exceptional students in that school year, when they began coaching under 11 football and leading some artistic courses, such as CCA (Co-curricular activity) painting. The success of these students and the winds of energy ushered into AISB then gave way to new ideas and planning for the newly formed CCA department in the 2018-19 school year, when we welcomed over thirty student leaders and these activities made up over 15% of our CCA program, which was also the…

18 Jun 2020

The Nibble – the AISB Elementary Literary Magazine

Continuing in the tradition of last year, when we published AISB’s first ever ES Literary Magazine in June 2019… we are proud to announce the publication of the 2nd edition of the magazine - online! It has been an interesting and adventurous journey from the first day we met as a staff on December 6 in the ES Library, to the completion of the magazine in its digital form this week. We started as a Friday lunchtime CCA with a group of twelve 5th graders with the goal of publishing a hard copy magazine that could sit on the library shelves for students to peruse.  When school closed, on March 11, we thought there would be no magazine this year, until one intrepid 5th grader emailed us on March 20 with the message: “Dear Ms.Shona, Will we still continue the Lit Mag online? Have a good day, Juliet.” This one…

15 Jan 2020

“Once a Vampire, Always a Vampire” The significance of Team-Building for Student-Athletes

Often modern day coaches are criticized for what some people consider outdated training methods. However, championship teams and greatness has always existed in sports, dating back to the times of ancient civilizations, the Roman gladiators, and even street ball at Rucker Park. What I am trying to say is that the methods of a "cantonament" which in Romanian refers to a retreat of the team from their normal environment is as relevant today to a team's comradery and performance as it ever was, it's all about location, timing, and the people involved believing in their goals. Allowing student-athletes the possibility to explore new environments, overcome challenges together, and be disconnected in order to connect is as prevalent today as it ever was! For the AISB Vampires, the team-building excursions represent a lot more than just a weekend get-away (more often than not in the beautiful Romanian country-side), they represent a chance for the team…

21 Nov 2019

AISB’s first student-written theater production, Brainstorm, picked up by The Bite

The American International School of Bucharest presents "Brainstorm" by arrangement with Nick Hern Books. "Brainstorm" is an Original Playscript developed by Ned Glasier, Emily Lim, and Company Three, with original material devised by the AISB cast. The play will premiere at the AISB Theater on Thursday, November 21 at 18:00 and another performance is scheduled for Friday, November 22 at 16:30. The first ever script to be written by AISB students, 'Brainstorm' explores the concept of teenage identity, by tackling the subject of daily teenage lives and emotions of different individuals of various ages. Join us to watch this moving rendering of adolescent day-to-day story, as told and acted by our very own AISB students! Lauren D., reporting for AISB's newspaper, the Bite, has picked up this story and tells us all about 'Brainstorm' at AISB. Check out an excerpt below and read more at:

03 Oct 2019

Experiential Learning: Here’s Why It Works

In Secondary we have two weeks (September & May) that we have purposely designed to use Romania as a platform for learning to build community and provide lifelong memories. Successful communities must be nurtured intentionally, and thus need purposeful opportunities to meet new people, foster relationships, and build perspectives. At AISB we do this in multiple ways - through our classroom engagements, advisory / homeroom program, co-curricular program (sport, arts, activities, service, outdoor education), student leadership training & opportunities, and through our experiential weeks. This year we have added our newly co-created house system to this listing. Our students continue to gain experience, skills and confidence in advocating for and leading initiatives to help us become a more safe and inclusive learning community. Our student councils, service groups, student-led activities, and The Bite newspaper are all great examples of this empowerment in action. As our goal is to help our…

04 Sep 2019

Why Sensory Corners are Game Changers in PE

The idea of creating a small Sensory Corner in the Elementary School Gym that we could use during PE lessons was born from observing our students' need to explore and develop physical skills all the while shifting perspective. This project is meant to support all students during physical activity and help them switch to a comforting and relaxing mood,  but in the meantime developing gross motor skills in a non-structured way. Who Benefits? All students benefit from sensory activities. Engaging activities that use the senses develop neural pathways in young children's brains. For students of all abilities, using a procedure or tool in our PE lesson that engages their senses can make a lesson more meaningful and memorable. All students may have different moments when they might need helping to calm down or to maintain focus, so learning how sensory activities can be included will only enrich our PE lessons.…

10 Jun 2019

Grade 5 Students Put Together the First Elementary School Literary Magazine

A group of Grade 5 students met weekly every Tuesday at lunch to put together this amazing publication: AISB’s first ever Elementary School Literary Magazine!  They went through the whole process of publishing - from requesting student work from teachers, to photographing artwork, from learning about how to publish something in a GDPR friendly way, to surveying ES students to come up with a title for the magazine… and finally to the actual nitty-gritty work of designing the layout - font, color, etc. It was a wonderful and sometimes frustrating journey for us all! My heartfelt thanks to the fantastic 5th graders that made this possible… thank you Liam, Maria, Evelyn, Alexis, Demir, Alexia, Matthew, Maya, Albert, Erica, Nina, and Colleen.   .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom:56.25%; height:0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;}

05 Dec 2018

Internships for AISB Students

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin The IB Diploma Program which the AISB is authorized to offer in grades 11 and 12 is educating our students to “create a better world through education.” In the words of AISB Alumni, the Diploma Program is a very rigorous, complex, fast paced program that supports students’ transition into their college years and puts them way out of their comfort zone so that they may reach their full potential.  This is indisputable, and the results are there to prove it. The hot topic among our juniors and seniors for years has been the possibility of being part of the world of work, experiencing what it is like to prepare for a job interview, apply and get a job, work and thus be exposed to realities which are very seldom, if ever, found…

25 May 2015

Hopes, aspirations and triumphs

I would like to thank all of the staff and members of the Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO) who helped make Saturday’s International Festival such a great success, the largest turnout ever! These community events highlight the real strengths of our parent body, our diversity, our various cultural origins and lifestyles – and, of course, our cuisines. If only this social microcosm and harmony could be replicated on a broader scale! You may have noticed during the Festival that there were opportunities to complete the annual survey that gives feedback to the school concerning your opinions on various aspects of our educational program and more. Please make time for the survey that you can find here; you have until this Friday, 29th May, to submit your responses. The results will be collated over the summer holiday and presented to the community at the first PTO meeting of the year in August/September. During our…